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21 December 2014: Spacesuits and Sixguns is now closed to submissions while I wrap up the feature content and prepare the first issue for launch. I’ll reopen sometime in the spring — specific time TBD. A thousand thanks to all the contributors who’ve submitted stories. The response was overwhelming, the interest greatly appreciated.

From the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (slightly abridged):

A US Online Magazine produced by David L Duggins, San Antonio, Texas. It ran for six issues, Winter (January) 2007 to Fall 2008, though later issues went online rather later than their date suggested. It paid Semiprozine rates.

This was an unabashed Retro-Pulp magazine of rip-roaring adventure stories – or at least that was the original idea when the editor conceived the magazine while he was recovering from a road accident.  He received stories of much higher quality than the Pulp-style title suggests, written by Eugie Foster, Lon Prater, Rachel Swirsky, Larry Tritten, and others.

Justin Howe’s “By the Searing Flame” (Summer 2007 #3) is an historical sf story of an apparent miracle. Eugie Foster’s “The Conviction of Praxis” (Summer 2007 #3) is about a toy with a mind of its own.  By contrast, Lucy Snyder’s “The Great Vüdü Linux Teen Zombie Massacree” (Spring 2007 #2) is a humorous zombie spoof. There are plenty of Aliens in several of the stories, such as “Rise of Kencha” (Winter 2008 #4) by Erin Hartshorn. The final issue reprinted “In the Shubbi Arms” (July 1980 Galaxy; Fall 2008 #5) by Steven Utley and Howard Waldrop.

Now it’s back.  I’m reading for Volume 2, Issue #1.  Check the submission guidelines and send me some stories.


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