Spacesuits and Sixguns Submission Guidelines

Spacesuits and Sixguns is a magazine of contemporary pulp fiction – simple, straightforward storytelling with an emphasis on action. We’re not looking for Lovecraft or Howard pastiches, or stories set in the 1930’s. Read a dozen pulp fiction stories, soak it all up, then ask yourself: what if this happened in my hometown today? Write close to home, write about what you love, and follow Elmore Leonard’s maxim: leave out the parts people skip. All genres accepted — detective, horror, mystery, adventure, SF, sword and sorcery. We love them all. Give us about 4000 words. Shorter is fine. We’re flexible. If it’s longer and it’s good, no problem. Rule number one – be fun!

Previously published authors include Scott Nicholson, Samantha Henderson, Michael Wiecek, Steven Utley, and Howard Waldrop.

Send submissions to editor Dave Duggins.  Electronic submissions only.  Pays 4 cents/word on publication.  Buys First North American Serial Rights.


12 thoughts on “Spacesuits and Sixguns Submission Guidelines

  1. Hello!

    I submitted a short story to you on April 27th, “Job Interview with Bruce the Bot” (about 2,400 words).

    Since it’s been about six weeks, I just thought I’d check on its status.

    Thank you!

    Marilyn K. Martin

  2. Hang in there, Marilyn — I’m working my way through submissions now, getting caught up. Sorry for the delay!

  3. Hi Guys,
    Unfortunately, I need to pull my story “You Bind Us, Joanna” from consideration. I look forward to submitting more work to Spacesuits and Sixguns. I love the pulp genre and what you’re bringing to the table.
    Roger Lovelace

    1. I understand, Roger. Please forgive the long wait — I have been inundated with submissions, far beyond what I expected. I’m sorry yours got buried, but thank you very much for sending it.

  4. Dave Duggins,

    I have a story I think might be a good fit, but I can’t tell if the submission window is still open. Are you still accepting subs for this? Thanks for your time.

    Ken MacGregor

      1. Hi Dave. I sent you a story called Dead Set on Vengeance over a month ago. I didn’t get confirmation of receipt and I’m worried it may have been eaten by your spam filter. If so, I would be happy to resend it. Thanks for your time. – Ken

  5. Dear Dave,

    I accidentally submitted two (I was so excited): “Failure to Thrive” submitted 4/15/14 and “Blindside” submitted 6/3/14. I’m beginning to suspect neither got to you as your response time seems to be good on Duotrope. If you sent rejection letters and I didn’t receive them, I apologize.



    1. Tom, I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten through my submissions through the beginning of July now. I’ll double check just in case I missed yours. If I did, I apologize. If I did sent rejection notices and they failed to reach you, let’s figure out what happened so you get timely notifications in the future. You never know — one of them might be an acceptance!

  6. My writing partner and I submitted a story on 7/25 titled Space Race.
    Checking status – sounds like you’re playing catch-up!

    Kate Robinson

    1. I sure am, Kate — and the submissions are still coming in! I’m still looking for a couple of stories for the first issue of Volume 2, though, so I’m not ready to close the reading window just yet. Thanks very much for your patience. I am reading the July submissions now, so it shouldn’t be long.

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